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While finding buyers their place in the world.

Russell Pelham Real Estate Agent Windham Hunter New York
Russell Pelham Windham New York Real Estate Agent

"One Goal, One Passion - Marketing Your Home The Right Way"

Meet Russell 

Russell firmly believes that enhancing the real estate experience hinges on delivering value and attentive listening – both to clients and to the ever-evolving market landscape. As the leading photographer, videographer, and drone pilot in the Catskills region, Russell offers unmatched value through top-tier marketing skills that help his clients stand out. With an innovative and creative mindset, he leverages the latest methods, technology, and digital platforms to help clients realize their objectives. Driven by a commitment to excellence and a passion for real estate media & marketing, Russell refuses to settle for anything less than exceptional results. His dedication to continuous improvement ensures that he consistently delivers outstanding outcomes for his clients. Furthermore, actively listening to his clients' needs cultivates a client-centered approach that strengthens understanding, trust, and communication. Given the rapid pace of recent market fluctuations, it's imperative, now more than ever, to partner with a professional who can quickly adapt and excel in this dynamic environment. 


                                                                      _Russell Pelham

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Hunter NY

"The only real difference between agents is that most "list" houses and only a few "market" them. I am a marketing agent -Full Stop."


                              _Russell Pelham

“I purchased interior and drone photography for my Airbnb in Windham NY from Russell and couldn't be happier. The final images were amazing and had high attention to detail. Couldn’t believe that someone could make my house look as fabulous as he did. I was initially struggling to find renters, but after I uploaded my Russell's pictures, my home got booked two days later! Definitely recommend him! He is professional, affordable, punctual, easy to work with, and had a nice time chatting with him as well!"

Alexa Y


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