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Russell Pelham Real Estate Agent Professional Photographer Drone Pilot
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Meet Russell 

I believe a better real estate experience has everything to do with providing value and listening...listening to your clients and to the pulse of the market. By actively listening to my customers, I create a client-centered approach that builds better understanding, trust, and communication between us. As the foremost photographer, videographer, and drone pilot in the Catskills, I bring value to my clients by providing top level marketing skills that no one else has access to. I have an innovative and creative mindset, and utilize the newest technology and digital platforms to help my clients achieve their goals. I have a strong drive for excellence and a passion for my work as an expert in real estate marketing. My philosophy of never settling for average results and continuously seeking improvement pushes me to deliver exceptional results for my clients. We've all seen how quickly the market can change, so it's more important than ever to find someone who understands how to properly market, maneuver, and negotiate in this new world we're living in. 


                                                                      _Russell Pelham

"One Goal, One Passion - Marketing Your Home The Right Way"

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"The only real difference between agents is that most "list" houses and only a few "market" them. I am a marketing agent -Full Stop."


                              _Russell Pelham

“I purchased interior and drone photography for my Airbnb from Russell and couldn't be happier. The final images were amazing and had high attention to detail. Couldn’t believe that someone could make my house look as fabulous as he did. I was initially struggling to find renters, but after I uploaded my Russell's pictures, my home got booked two days later! Definitely recommend him! He is professional, affordable, punctual, easy to work with, and had a nice time chatting with him as well!"

Alexa Y

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